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Martial Arts in Sheffield

I'm looking to begin studying a martial art in Sheffield (from scratch), one that runs all year round. I'm not sure which one to study, so am hoping I can go and watch a few classes to help make a decision. I'm interested in the self-defense, fitness and to some extent the 'spiritual' sides of an art.

So, please recommend a martial art and a place to study it :smile:

On behalf of my boyfriend, and practically everyone else in the entire club who I know, I feel I must recommend the Uni of Sheffield ju jitsu club. Its open to students from both Sheffield unis and any general people who want to join (there are quite a few non students/ex-students). Its marketed as the "self defence" martial art, and from what I've gathered is about using the aggressor's strength against them. I know everyone in the club and have been along to a session and they're all very nice, if slightly violent lol. There's also a good social side to the club (my boyfriend is social secretary so I could hardlly say otherwise, but honestly there is!). People go to the pub after each session generally and there are also Saturday night socials.
They train down in Activity Room 2 in Goodwin sports centre on Northumberland Rd, and it runs on Thursday nights (8-10pm) and Saturday morning (10am-12 midday).
This is the website

except ignore the 'training times' and 'news' sections, they're out of date...the times and places I have said are correct.
I am reliably informed that this is a good time to join as they have just had an influx of brand new members. And you also get your first session free!

I've just realised I know far too much about this jitsu club despite not being a member!
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i'm interested in boxing.. Any clubs for that?
Don't wana go to an inner city boxing club where i'll be hated being a student.. but dont wana go to a club where all they do is hit a bag for fitness.
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There are a tonne of boxing gyms around, and some offer student discounts so you won't be hated. Just search to yellow pages when you get here, or you could join the university boxing club - both unis train at Toughguise II near Infirmary road and Shalesmoor. You might want to try a few different gyms out because each gym has a different atmosphere. For example one gym might be full of aggressive meatheads that use strength and size over technique => probably not suited for a beginner. A good gym will drill the basics into you every session and will teach you to use your jab and box on the outside initially. As you get better, you'll adopt a style that suits your physical size and attributes.

This is my sales pitch:

One MA that embodies FITNESS, physical conditioning, self-defence and spiritual elements is Muay Thai. There's a club you can go to called Wicker Camp. They'll teach you from scratch, and if you go regularly (unlike me), you'll find that you can progress very quickly as your physical fitness improves. Although the techniques are powerful, it's a really fun and in some sense, relaxing art to learn. It's very easy to become totally immersed into the culture of Muay Thai, it'll make you want to go to Thailand!