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hello and welcome to...


as some of you might know, my thread from before was deleted (half of it, anyways), so hopefully this works a bit better.

the most important part

subjects in blue are those i'm really happy with my progress in
subjects in green are those i'm satisfied with my progress in
subjects in red are those i'm not satisfied with my progress in

number on the left is my actual grade, while number on the right is my personal target.
seeing as i'm in year 9, i haven't started my gcses yet so those underlined are the subjects i'm doing for gcse next year.

a number with a plus or a minus indicates how much i've progressed from the previous term.

˗ˏˋ autumn grade report ˎˊ˗
art | 8 ➞ 8
art textiles | 7/8 ➞ 8
computer science (aqa)| 9 ➞ 9
biology (edexcel) | 9 ➞ 9
chemistry (aqa)| 9 ➞ 9
drama | 7 ➞ 7
english (aqa)| 7 ➞ 9
geography | 7 ➞ 8
german | 8 ➞ 8
history (aqa)| 8 ➞ 9
maths (edexcel linear)| 8 ➞ 9
music | 8 ➞ 8
pe | 7 ➞ 7
philosophy (& theology) | 7 ➞ 8
physics | 7 ➞ 9
spanish | 7 ➞ 9

˗ˏˋ spring grade report ˎˊ˗
i'm getting these results on thursday (?) or friday so i've just got a placeholder for them

art | 7 ➞ 8 (-1)
computer science (aqa) | 7/8 ➞ 9 (-2)
art textiles | 7 ➞ 8 (0)
biology (edexcel) | ?? ➞ 9 (?)
chemistry (aqa) | 9 ➞ 9 (0)
drama | 7 ➞ 7 (0)
english (aqa) | 7 ➞ 9 (0)
geography | 8 ➞ 8 (+1)
german | 8 ➞ 8 (0)
history (aqa) | 7 ➞ 9 (-1)
maths (edexcel linear) | 7 ➞ 9 (-1)
music | 8 ➞ 8 (0)
pe | 7 ➞ 7 (0)
philosophy (& theology) | 7 ➞ 8 (0)
physics | 8 ➞ 9 (+1)
spanish | 8 ➞ 9 (+1)


+ business studies and polish self-studied gcse next year

.. to me
  • hello! my name's gabi and i'm a year nine student, who's studying for 4 gcses at the moment and will be studying for 11 next year! i go to a grammar school so a 'good' grade for my school is a 7 which is why my targets might seem a little high.
  • i'm really interested in languages although i don't necessarily want a career in it; i'm already fluent in two (polish and english) and am learning three (korean, german and spanish). my main reason for learning korean is because of my love for k-pop and k-dramas as well as a geniune interest in the linguistics behind it.
  • in the future i'd like to get into something to do with biotechnology, biochemistry or neuro-technology. i'm quite into video games so preferably i'd want to work on something to do with virtual reality (the neuro-technology bit) for video games.
  • my music taste is a bit all over the place, but my main genres are r&b, k-pop, indie pop and rap. some of my favourite artists include ratboy, jamie t, the wombats, red velvet, bts, khalid, kendrick lamar, nas, tupac and billie eilish.

i'll try to stick by this but no promises

˗ˏˋ mondays ˎˊ˗
an update on my productivity through the weekend as well as monday
˗ˏˋ thursdays ˎˊ˗
an update on anything i did monday to thursday
˗ˏˋ saturday ˎˊ˗
probably the least significant update, but what i've done on thursday and friday


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monday - 26th march
did almost nothing throughout the weekend apart from finish some of my art which our teacher is making us hand in tomorrow (she gave us 2 days notice). i'm completely not bothered with it and couldn't care less what grade i get.
p1 - music
practiced a baroque composition, performing next lesson. also couldn't care less what i get but i enjoy music so i put a bit of effort in.
p2 - maths
we started our 5th (?) topic of the gcse, functions. not immensely challenging but bidmas always gets muddled in my head which is a slight problem. we also got our tests back from topic 4 and i improved my grade from 29% (5) to 89% over the course of a few weeks . pretty proud of that.
p3 - art textiles
our whole lessons are spent either sitting around drawing with zero input from the teacher, so that's what i did. i got some homework to finish off final piece design ideas to do over half term (will post that later on).
p4 - pshce
n/a. pointless.
p5 - physics
did some outside practical stuff on measuring speed of walking, running and sound and using the speed equation - mostly revision from the topic of waves but did get some questions done that were a bit tricky (conversions & standard form). a bit of homework on a topic we don't have time to learn about, which is due in 3 weeks.

after school i did a teensy bit of english homework, which was to finish classwork. i don't have my english stuff because i didn't bring it home so i'll have to copy out what i wrote at home into my notes

productivity /10 - 3

i really do need to start studying and making revision resources before year 10 slaps me awake.
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This looks like a really good GYG blog! Will definitely be following.
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(Original post by Koalifications)
This looks like a really good GYG blog! Will definitely be following.
thank you!!
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thursday/saturday - 29th/31st march
on tuesday and wednesday, we did mostly revision lessons or feedback so there's nothing to write about.. but on thursday i got my grades for this term (finally) and i didn't do as bad as i thought.

for some reason my 29% in maths didn't get put forward to the data people at our school but i'm not exactly complaining - all my grades are above

in other news my school's trying to introduce a new homework policy where we're not allowed to spend more than half an hour on one piece of homework... again my school puts the blame on students by making us spend less time rather than teacher's giving more reasonable homework. oh well.

i'm planning to start studying after easter so i'll be updating on that

productivity /10 - 1

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