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i have written a model answer for the Fazey and Hardy question a) and wanted to know if someone could give me feedback
(ocr, alevel)

Using the research by Fazey and Hardy explain how arousal and
anxiety are related to sporting performance. (10)

Arousal is the general level of physical and physiological activation and anxiety is a negative emotional state. How successful someone's performance is in a sport depends on their ability to manage their arousal and anxiety.
In order to manage anxiety and arousal, athletes can use biofeedback. Biofeedback aims to judge our physiological state so that we can consciously control it. As seen in Zeeman's model, which is mentioned in Fazey and Hardy's study, as stress increases, so does performance until a certain point. This suggests that if we can control our physiological state, we will be able to perform well since we would be able to perform well since we would be able to make sure that our arousal and anxiety levels do not surpass a level which would cause performance to decrease. Therefore arousal and anxiety are related to sporting performance.
Additionally, arousal and anxiety are related to sporting performance as seen in the inverted-u hypothesis which Fazey and Hardy assessed in their study. It states that for every motor task, there is an optimum level of physiological arousal for performance and performance is best at this level. Therefore an athlete's physiological arousal and anxiety impact sporting performance. to control this, relaxation techniques such as meditation can be used to reduce anxiety so it does not surpass optimum level.
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It's good but a bit short for a 10 mark answer. I would add in some more evaluation points too.

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