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Why do YOU want to go to Oxbridge?

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Answering the original question: i) Because it has the highest standard, at least for maths (Cambridge) ii) Prestige on a small scale iii) Enlarge my e-penis.
But I still love you, even if you can't distinguish between bears and primates.

And to think I did BioAnth for a year <hoverfly hangs head in shame>
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I win :champ:
I didn't mention this earlier in the thread, but it needs clearing up. I'm not going to lie: I fit in that category. I'd say I occupy its higher echelons.

Jesus wept. Well, that's cleared up then. :rolleyes:
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Don't take that comment too seriously. The truth is I'm a failure...
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i agree very much with that. law at lse for a male=21:1, oxford 3.6:1, cambridge 4.1:1. definitely LSE is harder to get. thats just law but it holds true across all subjects. it must be understood that PLENTY (the data suggests THE MAJORITY) of the higher achieving applicants DO NOT apply for oxbridge. its definitely the case in my college though i think public schools have a very different demographic and thats where alot of TSR are coming from.

Thats *******s. Where on earth did you get the statistics of the school backgrounds of TSR members. LSE is not more difficult to get into than Oxbridge at all. An awful lot of no-hoper people try their luck with LSE who wouldn't with Oxbridge. The amount of serious applicants is probably about the same.
No, I didn't say that. I only said that choosing a course just because it included authors I enjoyed was a superficial reason because for me the aim of an English degree is to become as well-read as possible and to have as wide and broad an understanding of all forms of English literature as possible, and following a course that has less depth but a few more authors I enjoyed (which is different to following a course that interests me) seems superficial in comparison. This was a fleeting point, produced when I tried to conceive of a course I'd actually dislike.

Excuse my ignorance.. I take it, from this, that your proposed subject is English - but am I right in thinking that you applied (and got in) to Oxford?