Looking at privately rented accommodation at University? WATCH OUT!!

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As I am coming to the end of my second year at university, I would like to give some advice to those who may not want to go into on campus accommodation but instead go straight into private accommodation.

At the start of the year, me and 4 other friends were looking for a house to rent for our second year. We were able to finally put down a deposit on a house through an estate agent. Throughout the process of signing tenancy agreements and other documents, we were asked if it was okay to allow the estate agent to forward our contact details to 3rd party companies that might be of interest. i.e. Virgin Media for broadband etc. One company that we did not recognise at first was one named Glide.

Glide are a company that offer all the necessary services students may need whilst renting and aim to make student lives simpler by taking the amount necessary from each tenant rather than one tenant having to be liable for the bills. It sounds good right? Right. We could only have assumed that the landlord of the property we were renting from wanted us to pay for the bills via this company because there was no mention of any other arrangement.

Long story short: We have had countless problems with this company. This company offer 6 services to students: Gas, Electricity, Broadband, Telephone Line, Water and TV License.

Problem 1: We are paying our gas and electricity through the supplier yet Glide wanted to take over the bills for this service. Yet we kept telling Glide, no we are not paying for this service with you.
Problem 2: A similar situation with the Water bill but it was a different supplier.
Problem 3: We were paying Glide for a TV License yet we were getting multiple threats from the TV Licensing company that we were not paying and if we were to be found watching live TV without a license we'd be fined. We had multiple phone conversations with both Glide and the TVL company to sort out the matter and after 7 months, the situation still has not been solved. Glide seem to forget that we've asked them to do things.
Problem 4: The biggest and most annoying problem is the quality of the broadband. Due to a mixup on their end, we did not have a broadband connection 4 weeks into moving into the property, they activated the wrong package meaning we were overpaying them. Ever since the start of the year, we have seen consistent downtime and awful speeds. We were paying for fibre broadband - according to their website, we should have been seeing minimum speeds of 30Mbps but yet would not reach over 20.

I hope that no student would ever go through what we have as tenants this year. I would highly discourage anyone who may be tempted by setting up services with this company. The stress isn't worth it when you're trying to focus on your studies. You'd think, being a company solely targeting students, Glide would be empathetic towards people like us. ESPECIALLY since most of the students renting in their second year at university would be renting for the first time!

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