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Does anyone have any advice on getting A's (7 in the new gcse )on these subjects, especially history as it is a lot of content and I feel like I should be doing more than writing everything down onto mind maps and my book.

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English Literature:
I don't know what you're doing from the Anthology and what books you're studying but you can still use my advice and apply them to the books you are doing.
For Romeo & Juliet (Shakespeare) - I am essentially using sites, revision guides, my own ideas & teacher's notes to make my own notes in the book. If you have a book ANNOTATE IT. Then I plan on reading it more than once so I can link the notes with a quote. I'll also be very familiar with the book. Afterwards, I also ensure that I know context. Finally, I'll tick of what I know I've achieved:
A01- textual references, quotes... - check because you should read the book and also make flash cards if you want even more support.
A02 - language, form & structure - make notes on this in your book as you read along.
A03 - context

Do this for Inspector Calls (or your Modern Prose/Drama) and Christmas Carol (or your nineteenth century novel)

Afterwards, it is absolutely essential you do exam questions on these books and have your teacher mark it. Note and understand what you've done wrong so you can perfect your writing next time.

For the Anthology Poems, you'll need to study and annotate them and learn them. I'd say write a compare list (ie. If this poem comes up in the exam, I'll answer it with this poem.) This way you won't be fumbling around trying to remember a poem you can write about, you'll have one you can compare it with immediately.

For the Unseen Poetry, you must practice. That's all. Practice with as many poems as you can, and then again give it to your teacher so he/she can mark it. See where you're going wrong and mark them as areas for improvement.

Learn the entire course. No other way around that. I assume your notebook will have detailed notes in it so revise from that. You can use any revision technique that works for you, so learn the entire course IN DEPTH and if making mind maps helps you to do so you are doing just fine. Then practice exam questions and have your teacher mark them for you. See where you are going wrong and mark them as areas for improvement. If you can get a hold of a student who is excelling in essay writing ask them to borrow their essays so you can see what they are doing.

Hope this helps

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