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My mum installed an online dating app on her phone...?

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OK I think I won’t interfere as long as my mum doesn’t go any further than just talking to people. But what’s bothering me is that I also saw a pic on her phone of her posing in a leather dress - she was fully covered but I didn’t like the way she posed one bit... But no, I shouldn’t be making any assumptions on this and should talk to her first if it goes out of hand.

Also I didn’t go snooping on her phone; she handed it to me knowing that zoosk was installed. Do you think this is because she didn’t feel the need to hide the app from me, or because she didn’t think that I would check out her apps?
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Do not interfere with your mother's personal life.I have a girlfriend and we are happy, but sometimes from boredom, or how to diversify my communication, I'm sitting on dating sites in search of a girl, not only to be with her, but just for communication, support in different ways.I like it,and my new friend on ukReine com. But i love my gf therefor,even during convesations,i keep the barrier
Families embracing modern technology is a sign of evolving times! Your mum exploring an online dating app indicates an openness to new ways of meeting people. It's a positive step towards possibly finding companionship or connections in today's digital world.