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Hi there,
I was thinking about doing Veterinary Medicine and pursuing it as a career. I take Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, as well as an EPQ at A-Level. Predictions are likely to be between AAA-AAB. I understand the magnitude of work experience required to pursue this - I am dedicating my entire summer holiday to work experience within this field.
At GCSE I obtained 2A* and 7A (and 1B).
I was thinking of applying to RVC, Liverpool, Nottingham, Surrey and Glasgow for Vet Bioscience (in case i dont get in - so i can do graduate vet med)
Do you think there is a chance of me being able to get in?
Many thanks
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Yes, absolutely. It's worth going to the open days as the different unis have a very different feel (horse for courses). For wk exp make sure you get a least a couple of different vet practices. (Difficult to get large animal vets so small is fine). Also try lambing/dairy/ equestrian and anything else you can try..ask around..someone unexpected will say...ohh..I know a poultry farmer, or such and such runs a cat sanctuary etc. Get references from all with the dates you have worked will need this. Focus on making your personal statement interesting and a bit different. Read all the admission requirements to make sure you have got paperwk in on time (Rvc!). Leave plenty of time to complete vet school questionnaires following application. Aim high, stay enthusiastic. Good luck.

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