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Can someone tell me how i can do well on A2 organic ? We had a really bad teacher and now i dont know anything. I went over it and then i go to do past paper questions i cant do a SINGLE one. Can some help please
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Hi Nisha,

Is there anything that you are struggling with specifically?

It can be very overwhelming if you go straight to doing past papers. Have you tried drawing a flow diagram for the different reaction routes? With organic chemistry it always helps to go over concise, summarised notes that get straight to the point:

Does this reaction involve the attack of an electrophile or a nucleophile?
What is the leaving group? (And why? Always ask why!)
Are there any special conditions?
Is there a colour change?

Prepare these notes by referring closely to your specification and go over them before attempting an organic chemistry paper and you'll see that it is very much down to elaborate rehearsal and understanding why (based on the properties of constituent functional groups) it is that a compound reacts a certain way.


Benzene does not decolorise Bromine water at room temperature since it has a delocalised pi bonding system.
Propene will decolorise Bromine water at room temperature since it has a localised pi bond.
Explanation: The localised bond is more readily attacked by a nucelophile (Br+) than the delocalised pi bond in Benzene due to the higher electron density in a localised pi bond. A useful analogy here is that there is a giant bullseye (region of high electron density about the pi bond) on the propene molecule.


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