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I’m doing my GCSEs this year and I’m wanting to do about 4 hours revision a day (it’s the easter holidays atm) but I’m staying at my dad’s house for a few days and it’s making me super anxious because I’m only getting 2 hours max done a day and I’m out of my normal environment.

How many hours are people doing atm? Should I be panicked that I’m not doing enough? I’m definitely starting 4 hours on Monday when I get back home!

Replied would be appreciated, thank u
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Hi ,
My best advice would be to try not to stress because it already seems like you’re very motivated and those 4 hours will allow you to get a lot done than other people who say they’ve studied a whole day straight.
It depends on everyone how much time they spend revising. Some people feel they do their best when they revise constantly for a long time only when they’re near to their exams. If you feel like you’ve been revising the whole year and you only need a brush up on the main topics and more practice, then 4 hours a day would seem more than enough.
Try and relax too because you don’t want to use up all your energy during the holidays.( I’m saying this although I’m pretty stressed for my Higher exams - not sure what the English equivalent of that is)
But I sat my Nat 5s last year which is nearly the same as GCSEs and I got all As even though I didn’t revise much during Easter
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