Rhetorical devices?

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Hi there! I have been given a question for my university assignment. I would really appreciate it if anyone would be able to point out some (or even one) rhetoric device found in this article:

"German compatriots, my German workers, if today I am speaking to you and millions of other German workers, I have a greater right to be doing this that anybody else. Once I stood amongst you. For four and a half years of war I was in your mist. And through diligence, learning - and, I have to say, hunger - I slowly worked my way up. Deep inside me, I always remained what I had been before.

They should see that what I am saying is not the speech of the Chancellor, but that the whole people stands behind it as one man, man for man, woman for woman. What is bound together today is the German people itself."

(Hitler, address at the Siemens Dynamo Works, Berlin 1933)

I have found a few rhetorical devices but I am struggling to find more. This is what I have found:
- Epanalepsis: “I stood amongst you” and “”I was in your midst”
- Appositive: “German compatriots, my German workers”
- Amplification: "man for man, woman for woman"
- Enumeratio: "And through diligence, learning - and... hunger- I slowly worked my way up"

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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