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As part of my revision, I've wrote a mock essay from the June 2015 AQA GovP 3A Paper. It would be great if people could respond with some feedback of what I've done well and how I could improve to pick up some extra marks?

Wishing everyone luck for the exams coming up in June!

Consider how accurate it is to describe the USA as having a two-party system. (10 Marks)

The history of the presidents of the United States have shown that for the last 150 years, the country has a two party system. No president since 1853 has not been a nominee of either the Republican or Democrat party. The domination of these two parties in the presidency and Congress mean that it is very hard for a third party to garner success under the electoral systems of the US. All presidents since this era as well as the majority of members of Congress, are either from the Democrat or Republican parties, therefore, it is accurate to say that the United States does have a two party system.

Although there is a noticeable polarisation between the two dominating parties of the United States, the segmentation of politics on the vast country means that it operates under a 50 party system. Each of the 50 states have a differing viewpoint, agenda, and ideology to the next. The contrast seen in the ideology of the California Democrat Party will be noticeably different to the ideology of the Ohio Democrat Party. The segmentation of each party is divided into 50 smaller parties. This shows it is not accurate to say the US has a two party system, but in fact a 100 party system with contrasting differences between all.

On a multi-level scale, the US does have a 50 party system with state divisions, however, on a national scale, the polarisation and domination of the GOP and Democrats mean the US does have a two party system. The divisions in Congress, the Presidency, and ideology mean that Americans are either considered a Democrat or Republican under a two party system.

Complete in 12 minutes and 57 seconds.
Goal: 12 minutes and 30 seconds.
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ur knowledge is really good (you understand what the two party system is - and ur point about the states having different ideologies is good)
however, your analysis and evidence is lacking
- what is the impact of this?: you stated that California and Ohio have different democratic parties (yes good - but how and what is the impact)
so say, Alabama's Democratic Party will be more fiscally liberal (public welfare, big government) and then California, will be more socially liberal (pro-abortion and same-sex marriage) - this shows you have spoken about controversial issues
- secondly, third parties (due to the parties being catch-all it is impossible for their success - so co-optation of perot by Clinton and Wallace's southern strategy co-opted by Nixon) - however, make sure to link this in the question that yes third parties do exist, it most contributes to the two major parties success.

overall, I think your timing is remarkable! - if u can do that in the exam your definetly gonna ace it

anyways - good luck! (These are my suggestions - I just think ur evaluation and analysis is lacking without context otherwise very good!)

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