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As a result of the diamond review funding for welsh students will be changing for the 2018/2019 academic year. This means tuition fee grants will no longer be available but that everyone will receive the same amount of maintenance regardless of financial circumstances; this means that higher income households will have less grants and higher loans and vice versa.

What do Welsh students receive for tuition fees?
All welsh students (regardless can apply for a loan of up to £9250 except if you attend a private university the maximum is £6,165.

What funding can for maintenance can welsh students apply for?
The amounts of maintenance funding are £7650 for living at home, £9000 for away from home outside of london and £11250 in london as a full time student. All students will receive these amounts, the difference is that it will be made up of a loan and grant, the lower your household income the greater amount of grant this will be made up of. The minimum amount of grant is £1000.

Part time students can apply for maintenance, the maximum available being £4987.50.

My course is longer than normal, am I eligible for extra funding?
Yes, students can receive up to £93 extra loan per week for courses that are longer than 30 weeks.

There is also funding available for childcare , if you have adult dependants, if you have a disability or if you are a parent.

EU students are eligible for £9250 tuition fee loans but no maintenance funding.

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