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I want to know how to improve my persuasive writing. I have to write a letter to the prime minister. The question is; some people argue that headscarf should not be banned in the uk.

The layout is a letter;

18 chamberlain road W9 6GH

Dear Theresa May,
I am here to express my wish in informing you how some people are “desperately” wanting to ban headscarves from being worn in the UK. Truly the very thought of banning something that empowers women and signifies a Muslim identity, should not ... can not be banned. Mrs May your immaculate work in serving, aiding and taking care of this county is immensely breath taking. You have the power, the leadership and the influence to save this terrible deed from happening. You Prime minister May you are the only hope hope for these women, their hero to “save” them from being not able to wear want they want.

Sadly statics states one third of the women wearing headscarves have been extremely perturbed by the never ending hate hurled towards them. The unruly emotions of anxiousness, stress and fear floods within them each and every day. Can you understand what is going on in your “beloved” country? The never stopping cries for help of others in need in situation like this. These women are already victimised, therefore we as citizens firmly believe you should step in and sweep this nonsense. You are the leader after all.

What is a headscarf? A simple shawl wrapped in ones head? A pierce of clothing? No. It is not. A headscarf symbolises a women’s religion. A headscarf conveys; strength, power and hope. This little thing defines a whole nation. By striping and capturing the right of wearing it you are stealing the rights of thousands and thousands of naive females.

The UK is one of the most multicultural,idyllic and accepting countries in the world. People live and breathe freedom here. 5% of the population are Muslims, this number is growing rapidly by the minute. Without a slight doubt we as British citizens thank you dearly for doing your job. However vileness is starting to new, prejudice is crashing this country like a rogue wave. Unruly and barbaric rows of banning headscarves have encapsulated is. We need you. You are the leader.

I don’t know what else to add what do you all think of this? Thank you to whoever reads this

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