Mgo (Magnesium oxide ) has ionic bonding . NOT covalent bonding Or metalic bonding.

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Metals with non-metals form ionic bonds. non-metals with other non-metals form covalent bonds and A metalic bond holds atoms of a metal together NOT between a compound.In this case Magnesium (Mg) is a group 2 element and its an Alkali earth metal and oxygen is in group 6 and its a non-metal. So MgO forms an IONIC BOND. By the definition of 'ionic bond' both magnesium and oxygen COMPLETELY share their electrons and become oppositely charged ions, ( Mg ion will have a
+2 charge on it and oxide ion will have a -2 charge on it) the electrostatic attraction between these two ions are said to be the Ionic Bond. Another evidence for this will be the "electron density plot" . this electron density plot will show ZERO electron density between Mg(+2) ion and Oxide (-2) ion. so Again we can come to a conclusion that Mgo consist an ionic bond ,not a covalent bond.

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