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    Right, so.. Last month I viewed a house/room for my 2nd year at uni. About a week later I phoned up the agency and said I wanted to rent the room. They gave me info on the fees and when I can move on etc. So I paid the original fees over the phone (it was a few hundred so not cheap). The guy told me that the room was reserved for me and he would be in touch about contracts/further info etc. However it has now been a month since I have heard anything and starting to worry as I have paid a lot to have not heard anything since. Also I was looking on housing site and seen that the room said to be reserved for me has been placed back on the site recently titled as 'for rent'.
    I intend to phone the agency within next couple days but any advice on what to say or do? I'm worried that I've been ****ed over here and won't have a room or my money back. Am I worried for no reason? Does it usually take this long to hear from an agency after paying original fees.

    Hard to say from my knowledge, but you won't really know anything until you call them, so I'd recommend calling them as soon as you can.

    They might have similar/identical rooms for rent which they use the same listing for, hence why you see it back up for rent, or maybe you missed something and they've been waiting for you to contact them.

    As far as what you should say to them, just explain the situation to them, tell them who you are and about the money you put down for the room, then ask if there is an update on the status. I think you'll find out if they have screwed you then, which I sincerely hope they haven't, at which point you can ask for the money back and if they refuse then there is most likely legal recourse which can be taken, but I wouldn't worry about that now.

    Worst comes to worst there is almost definitely some place in university where you can get professional support and advice on this kind of matter, so try and find out where that may be.

    But like I say don't worry about the worst case, until you're presented with the worst case, take everything one step at a time, just give the agency a call, and hopefully you'll be laughing about this in a couple days.
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