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Pls could you pls grade my An Inspector calls paragraph using the grade 9-1 system and give me improvements. Thanks
How and why does Sheila change in An Inspector Calls? Write about:
• how Sheila responds to her family and to the Inspector
• how Priestley presents Sheila by the ways he writes.
At the start of the play,in act one, Priestley presents Sheila as excited and immature when she receives a ring from Gerald. She immaturely asks her mother “look mummy,isn’t it a beauty?” She has to ask her mother for approval, which shows she is still a child as she does not have a mind for her own. Furthermore, the use of “Mummy” shows that she is still using childish terms therefore making her look infantile. The adjective “beauty” connotes queen which suggests Shiela is trying to be one, portraying her as being over the top. Priestley wants to show how superficial she can be and how immature she is at the start in the way she acts and responds to her family. The audience may dislike her as she is very superficial ,at the start of the play, and she is very materialistic just like her father. At the time, in 1912, there was a strict class barrier and the character of Shiela does not really bother too much about this as she cares more about her ring than she cares about Gerald. Her immaturity is further shown later in the play where she is quickly closed down by her dad and is quick to apologise, “sorry Daddy”

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