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During my time at uni, I want to make enough money to fund my postgraduate study but I don't know If taking a year (at least) of study would be worth It. I'll still take on summer jobs related to CS during (by my first year at least) the course, but I've heard that since they generally pay higher than a 12 to 14-month internship, It might not be worth It to go for the year in industry program. I think It's best for me to try and make as much money as I can, but I don't haven't weighed all the perks and drawbacks, and for that reason getting any insight on whether it's worth It or not would be appreciated.
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If you want a career in IT, then your priority should be to seek as much solid hands-on commercial experience as you can get - it's a career path in which your most valuable asset is your past experience working on different projects, within different working environments, having a proven track record of being able to solve complex problems, and being equipped with relevant technical skills, as well as being able to show that you can work on those projects in teams, meet the expectations of clients, etc. All of those things count for more on your CV and in an interview than your degree because the people hiring graduates are primarily interested in finding somebody who they can trust to do the job; If you've got that then they don't really care that much about academic credentials.

Summer jobs are good too. If you graduate having spent 12+ months in a successful internship, and had one or two successful summer jobs each lasting a few months then that will look great on your CV.

Another advantage is getting yourself known - you may find that the company you choose for one of these placements invites you back for an interview, or that you might be able to network with some of the professionals you meet there in case they know of other opportunities. Being able to approach a company you'd worked with as a student is a strong position to apply from (assuming you want to work for them again and assuming they have a vacancy), but if you meet people while working there who have other contacts, you could also find those to be helpful as well. Anything which helps you avoid the IT recruitment agencies after you graduate is a benefit.

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