Practice essay questions for An Inspector Calls

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Here are some example essay questions you can try for An Inspector Calls, if you are doing your exam with AQA these questions are worth 30 marks + 4 SPAG marks:

- How and why does Sheila change in An Inspector Calls?

- How far is Mrs Birling presented as an unlikable character?

- How does Priestley use Mr Birling to present his concerns in society?

- To what extent is it possible to feel sympathy for Eric Birling?

- What is the role of the Inspector? How does Priestley present him?

- How does Priestley generate sympathy for Eva?

-How does Priestley present the upper class and their selfish attitudes?

- How far do you believe Mrs Birling is the most to blame, compared to other characters?

- How is responsibility explored in An Inspector Calls?

-How is the theme of gender inequalitites presented in An Inspector Calls?

- How effective is the Inspectors last speech about "fire, blood and anguish" on the characters and the audience?

- How does Priestley present the divide between the older and younger generation in An Inspector Calls?

- 'Eric is one of the most comple characters in the play' discuss.

-Explain how Ambiguity is created in the final moments of the play.

- Explain how Priestley uses An Inspector Calls as a play to exploit the upper class.

- How does your view of Sheila change throughtout the play?

- Mr Birling says to Eric "your trouble is you've been spoilt", how far is Eric presented as a spoilt character?

-At the start of the play Sheila is "(half serious half playful)" with Gerald, how does Priestley present their relationship?

Thats all for now, comment if you want any more, I can also do questions for Macbeth, A Christmas Carol and AQA Love and Relationships poetry cluster. Hope this helps Image
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thanks for this it is helpful

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