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T-7 days to my dissertation deadline

It is 7 days to my dissertation deadline and I have lost all motivation. I have been working so hard on it all semester but I still have quite a bit to do to finish it off, but I am just so sick of looking at it! I have tried everything - taking a break, going to bed earlier, eating a few extra vegetables to fuel my brain...... If anybody can give me any tips on how to motivate myself or even a motivational speech it would be much appreciated!
Hi, What is your topic?

Don't worry talk to the ultimate optimist [me] and you will get through the last round without getting knocked out;

"Seconds away - Round 12" says the umpire - OK young person - get up and get into the ring, who does the opposition think he is huh? Show him [the examiner] what you are made of - show him/her how its done!!

Ok you don't like boxing - cos it damn well hurts! OUCH!

No probs, lets play hockey! (my passion - apart from biology :smile:!)

What matters in the end yes goals goals goals - does not matter whether you get into the "D" by dribbling past 4 oppo players or by picking up a long aerial from your own left back AND does not matter whether you do a snap shot in the air as a volley OR do a bullet-fast undercut shot OR a superfast drag flick!

WHAT MATTERS IS: to get the ball in the net!

YOU HAVE A (LONG) ESSAY - there are ONLY 2 possibilities - either the examiner p**s*s on you :frown:


You p**s on him/her :smile:!!

LET US JUST MAKE SURE the second option happens!

WHAT MATTERS IS: mark, mark, mark!

Yes that's the lad/lass - YOU CAN DO IT! GO ON you are 95% there already just a few steps left - the horse speeds up as he sees he is near his stable!



M (specialist biology tutor and ex-medic)

PM me if you need proof-reading! (the editors of one of my books named me "Hawk Eyes" after I located 500+ small errors in their final pre-print version!).

Good night!
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Thank you M! That is just what I needed :biggrin:

I am a medic and my dissertation is microbiology focused!

Now to go CRUSH THIS ESSAY :wizard2:

I will report back if I ever successfully submit it!
OK great to hear you are a colleague - I never finished medicine after my "Skyfall" - have you seen my film?:colondollar:

AND if you are a medic, you are familiar with my fav sport - as you know, hockey is big in medicine! May I ask? Do you play this fantastic super-fast super skillful sport? Oh sorry I am forgetting haha! - if you are afraid of boxing, then you don't like a hard ball with a projectile towards your face!

Finally, when I passed my final MB Pathology exam, we had a choice of 5 long descriptive Qs out 6 - I took a gamble: learnt gross pathology, histopathology, haematology, chemical pathology inside out and completely omitted microbiology (did not like those filthy agar plates:frown:.) - got through c flying colours!

BUT DON'T PANIC - I am still happy to proof-read for you if you need me too - my English as an Indian born in Kenya living in UK is pretty powerful!


I don't have any advice but I know exactly how you feel, but the feeling of handing over my bound dissertation and walking out empty handed was literally the highlight of my year, I immediately felt the weight off my shoulders. Just hold on to that feeling to power through on these last few days.

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