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Compare how poets present romantic love in sonnet 29 and another poem

Elizabeth Barret Browning uses a simile to portray her uncontrolled affectionate feelings towards her love.This is conveyed in the line “as wild as vines about a tree”. The terms “wild vines” indicates her unruly passionate thoughts wrapping around her husband the tree, implying her powerful yearning towards him. Vines are usually clutching on trees for support, by using this simile it suggests the poet’s intention was to convey her needing support from her husband as vines do this to trees. Trees do not need support as they are strong and stable. This could indicate an imbalance in the relationship as the vines (Barret Browning) needs the tree ( Robert Browning). The use of nature builds a vivid natural imagery for the reader as they can potent romantic love of the narrator, the reader can infer how the narrator furiously loves her lover. Likewise in the poem Singh Song Nagra also uses a simile to highlight how the speaker Mr Singh strongly shows his love for his newly wedded bride. This is shown “like vee rowing in Putney”. The term “rowing” suggest that they are making love which symbolises their romantic love as well as commitment as couples do this. The term Putney means wife in punjabi the fact that the poem states rowing in Putney this could indicate that the husband is in control in the relationship. This illustrates an image to the reader as they see Mr Singh truly does love his wife, they are showering each with fondness.

Is this correct ?

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