GCSE AQA Power and Conflict Analysis answer

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Hello, I am looking for somebody to perhaps look at my practice answer for the power and conflict poems?

Here is the question: Compare the ways poets present nature in ‘The Prelude’ and in one other poem from ‘Power and Conflict’

And here is my answer:

Both writers from The Prelude and Storm on the Island explore the theme of nature as both powerful and admirable. In The Prelude, the poet talks about a person exploring nature by riding a boat around a lake towards a mountain. Wordsworth personifies the mountain as an “elfin pinnace” which presents how he finds nature beautiful just like a woman and in that moment believes that the mountain is small. This creates a peaceful atmosphere which makes the reader imagine in their head an elegant and small mountain that looks like a woman. Similarly, in Storm on the Island, Heaney explores the theme of nature by claiming the storm “spits like a tame cat” this imagery reveals how a wreckless storm compared to an image of a majestic animal,a cat, reveals how the storm must not be as scary as they think and might not be so powerful. By using the verb “majestic” when describing a storm it makes the reader ponder whether the storm is powerful, scary, and frightening as Heaney is making it out to be.

On one hand Heaney was influenced by the fighting that was occurring in Ireland with the IRA. By using a metaphor of “Island” to actually mean Ireland shows how isolated and scared people were feeling when the war was going on. Therefore, Heaney spoke about the fighting by using metaphors of nature to reveal how powerful and mighty the fighting/storm was.
However, Wordsworth was influenced by the power of nature over man. By signifying the mountain as “horizons bound” and a “huge peak” shows how the man in the boat was so shocked at how large the mountain is and reveals that he felt insignificant compared to the mountain and therefore “with trembling oars” he turned.

I am not completely finished yet but I am wondering how many paragraphs do you need to write for a good answer, how many points do you need to make when comparing and am I off to a good start?
I am not very confident in English Poetry and I'd like some help and honest tips no matter how harsh they are because I find it very helpful.

Thank you,

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