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In basic terms: I'm an idiot. I can't seem to retain the necessary information for the topics. I've tried flashcards, powerpoints, discussing topic information, online videos, drawing up posters, spider diagrams, etc. It doesn't seem to stick, and when it does I can't write a decent essay. I have no idea how to set out my answer.
I've tried talking to my teacher but she just suggests things I've already tried. If anyone has any revision tips or advice on how an idiot like me can plan and set out an essay in an exam time-limit I would be so grateful!
(Especially if you can explain it like you were talking to a child )

Thank you~
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Hi i am also doing sociology at a level and I find writing essays difficult too so i totally understand how you feel.
i came across this template in a revision book i was reading, (which is specifically for paper 2 research methods AQA 2015 spec) I haven't tried it yet but i am going to pretty soon.
here's the template:

Paper 2- research methods essay template

Introduction – WWWE

  • What- define the method
  • Who- would generally use it
  • Why- would they use it?
  • Evaluation- who wouldn’t use the method and briefly why?

Main body- PEVRT(Practical, Ethical, Validity, Reliability, Theoretical)

Develop A02 and A03 by using the following techniques:

  • Use studies and examples to illustrate strengths and weaknesses of the method
  • Compare relative strengths and weaknesses with other methods
  • Link strengths of a method to weaknesses


  • Suggest the major strength or weakness of the method- say why
  • Refer to which topics the method is useful/ not useful for studying
  • Try to say something ‘new’ and refer to methodological perspectives

With this template im going to construct a more detailed one of each method, eg questionnaires, interviews

I hope this helps

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