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Hi, I’m a currently in year 12 studying RS, English, History and Psychology.
My favourite subject by far is RS and I am very interesting in studying RS at University.
The problem is maybe law would be better career wise.
My RS teacher told me she did law at university and found it so very boring. She said that she would have done better at uni if she picked something she loved like RS. She also told me that you can pick any subject and end up being a lawyer because there is a one year conversion course.
I am constantly being told to pick the subject I enjoy most and that’s RS. However I don’t think my parents will be fine with me doing RS at uni because they will think it’s pointless. They already don’t like me doing RS at A-level anyway because they are traditional Muslims and do t like the way my RS course is centred around Christianity.

So what I’m basically asking is what should I do? Study RS the do a conversion course to law or just Study Law.

Also if I do the conversion course am I at a disadvantage from people that did the whole 3-year law course when I look for a job in law.
What other job prospects does studying RS at university give you?
Should I pick a subject I enjoy or a subject I may or may not enjoy with good job prospects and will please my family?

Thank you in advance for your help.
I hate coming from a traditional Muslim family. Count yourself lucky you don’t have to deal with it 😂😂.
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hey! sorry I can't answer to many respects of your questions on this post.

I would suggest to talk to someone not centred around rs- like your head of year, about the situation you are in. also, be proactive, ask what law is like, and consider sitting in a lesson to get a feel for it.
but, do what you love, you can only do this journey once, and it must be something you enjoy- you're going to have a job for along time.
I reckon it's a good fall back that you can transition to a law course- but maybe look into/research/ask teachers how consistent/ true this is- don't rely on it.

embrace your culture and family- their way of saying they love and care for you is by suggesting what your life could be. maybe sit down and explain to them how you feel, they may understand where you come from more, you can only try anyway.
best of luck hope this helps. if it did, a thumbs up would be appreciated :-)) hope it gets sorted

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