much ado about nothing "a quote a day"

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inspired by @entertainmyfaith and @lemur14
Not many people i know seem to be studying much ado about nothing so if you are please join the bandwagon lol, i havent even started revising it yet and this is the only quote i can remember so i just wrote up a quick analysis off the top of my head. Doing this daily will improve your analysis skills as well as being able to be inspired by other peoples ideas.

"Give not this rotten orange to your friend"
The use of the imperitive give maintains the common ideology of the time that women were to be given and taken by the men in society of whom they are in their posession, ie their husbands and fathers.
Shakespeares play on the use of the fruit orange in rotten orange suggests that despite looking pretty on the outside and being the 'finest jewel' claudio had ever seen, on the inside, due to being seen as unchaste, hero was tainted and her insides seen to be 'used' and thus 'rotten'.
Rotten also implies a sense of decay and ageing, despite shakespeares audience knowing hero is a young girl of probably around 14 years of age, the fact she has no become tainted and is seen as an infidel automatically subpoenaes her to befit the title 'rotten'.
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"She is fallen Into a pit of ink, that the wide sea Hath drops too few to wash her clean again" this suggests she has been morally stained by the false accusations made to her, and implies she will not be able to recover from the damage that her reputation has felt and that nothing will be able to 'clean' her of this.

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