Re-watching the cinematic interpretations vs Re-reading the literature

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Hi everyone,

I was just curious as to how many people think re-watching cinematic interpretations of literature may be just as useful as re-reading the literature itself, the exception being for the poetry section of the 2nd literature paper.

The works that our school has chosen for us to study are:
- A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
- Lord of the Flies - William Golding
- The Merchant of Venice - William Shakespeare
- Poetry: Power and Conflict

The main reason I imagine most people have for re-reading the texts is to have a complete solid understanding of the texts when going to the exam; in which case, isn't it just as efficient to re-watch the movies?

I'm being both lazy and time-wary of the fact that the English Literature paper is coming up in about 5 weeks, and I have barely any interest in pursuing English, but still aiming for a grade 9; I've studied most of the content for all texts except for Merchant of Venice, but I'm getting to that soon.

My main method right now ideally is to watch the movies to understand the plot solidly, and skim through the texts to find key quotations that relate to themes/characters in the texts.

What are your thoughts/How are you lot doing it?


- Raphael Nash

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