Is current events useful for A2 Ideologies?

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Do you know if it is important to mention contemporary events in essays for A2 Politics: Ideologies?? Because I’m unsure if so, I know for nationalism you can mention Brexit and Catalonia but what about socialism and conservatism etc??
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I think the general answer is that they're not necessary but they can help. Any example is better than no example at all, although perhaps an up-to-date example is preferable to an older example (though up-to-date doesn't mean contemporary, just the most recent).

Brexit is a fantastic example for Tocqueville's "Tyranny of the Majority" concept (as well as Conservative Nationalism), and I guess Antifa are a good example of Anarchist direct action and how some have turned to violence as a road to anarchism despite traditional warnings against it. But that being said you'd be hard pressed to find any modern examples for Orthodox Communism, Traditional Marxism, Traditional Conservatism, Individualist Anarchism (I'm aware that there's a form of Anarcho-Capitalist movement going on somewhere, but I think it's too small to be noteworthy), etc. As far as I've seen it so far, contemporary examples are more relevant for the 4B ideologies, since they're very contemporary (eg. Feminism's commitment to the abolition of patriarchy and destruction of the "Public / private sphere" divide through increased female involvement in the public sphere is still seen in the push for more women to be involved in Politics, seen most recently in the Isle of Man electing an all-female Upper Chamber earlier this year (this also proves that the ideas and methodology of first-wave Liberal Feminism are not dead, and if anything, have seen a resurgence as a reaction to the now unpopular methods and ideas of second-wave Radical Feminism).

Generally, you should use the most up-to-date examples, but if the example happens to be the 1871 Paris Commune, I can't think of a more up-to-date form of an ideal Socialist collectivist state, even thought it was over 100 years ago.

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