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I live in Dubai rn and I'm currently in Year 13 and really conflicted on whether to firm Sussex or Sheffield. I'm predicted AAA and I'm planning on taking Media & Communications at Sussex and Digital Media & Society at Sheffield.

On one hand, Sheffield is considered a better uni, my parents want me to go there because it's a Russel Group, accommodation seems nicer, it's cheaper to live in, the facilities seem better and the Student Union is the best in the country. But I've been told the city is a bit grim and I'm not really feeling the course as much?

Sussex is in Brighton which is obviously a plus and the city is much more my style and close to London. The city itself seems more lively, the weather is nicer, and the course is much more my style. Sussex have also given me an incentivised offer (BBB if I firm them). But I've heard that the uni doesn't really care about it's students and there isn't much of a community feel there - the Student Union doesn't seem that great (neither does the accommodation but it's more expensive) and its generally ranked 'lower'?

I'll be visiting both early in May but I'm wondering if any existing students could give any advice/input?

Thank you!
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I've just moved this thread so it shows in both University of Sheffield and University of Sussex forums :woo: And removed your other thread

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