What options are available for people that need help but can't afford it?

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Hello people of TSR!

Quite glad I found this place and to see it so active, great resource!

I'm currently on a sabbatical and am currently working on a project to make the benefits of CBT more accessible for people who cannot afford it or require a top-up on their current sessions.

I studied Psych at uni with an interest to become a therapist, but the desire to travel was strong so I decided to pickup a teaching qualification and go traveling a bit. I've suffered from social anxiety before and have always had issues with my attention for as long as I can remember.

Through learning CBT principles and applying necessary actions to overcome my anxieties I feel I have become a better version of myself.

Anyway enough about me.

I'm in the process of creating a podcast, primarily to help people that are suffering from different forms of anxiety that CBT has been proven to help with. I will be talking about my own experiences, sharing tips 'n' tricks and also bringing guests onto the show that have achieved alot but also had to endure alot of hardship just to see a different perspective.


I want to know what free options are available for people suffering from anxiety.

Would you listen to a podcast that is aimed primarily at helping you overcome your anxieties?

Do you think it is beneficial to have guests on the show that have achieved alot but had alot of hardship on the way to hear how they dealt with it? If not, what kind of guests would you like to hear from?

I better end this here!

Look forward to connecting with you guys and girls.


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