Intentionally missing university exams - acceptable?

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2nd year of a Psychology UG course.

In the next five weeks I have two 2000 word assignments and then four exams.

The problem is that I'm so far behind, I don't even know what any of them are about. As such I'm simply not going to have the time to do the assignments, then learn the material for all the exams and actually revise it.

Instead, I'm considering doing the 2 coursework pieces, and only try for two of the exams. This would give me enough time to get a good mark for the four pieces, but would have to re-sit the 2 missed exams at the 40% cap.

If I tried to do all of them when they are supposed to be done, it's going to be incredibly stressful and as these are essay based exams, I feel like it's not even possible to cram it all in from scratch.

The second year only counts for 30% of the overall course classification, so if I were to intentionally miss 2 exams until the resits, I should still be able to get around 50-55% overall for this second year and still have a good chance of getting a good classification overall, right?

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Just try to give them all a go. I don't know the rules on this but - can you even miss an exam? From what i've seen at uni you have to turn up and give it a go unless you had a medical/other type of note meaning you can't sit the exam? If that is the rule then turn up and give them all a go, you might surprise yourself and get over 40% anyway.

In any case i'd just start working on everything now instead of spending time planning which ones to miss etc. I lived with psychology students throughout uni and they would start revising properly like 2 weeks before the exams anyway - short term memory is your friend!

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