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I’m doing my bronze practice expedition this weekend and I don’t want to do it at all. I haven’t done my skill/sport/volunteering stuff. Almost everyone in my group annoys me and so does our school DofE leader. I honestly thought this would be a fun experience, but the leader has organised everything so badly. I don’t have any kit. I still don’t understand how the weekend will work. We haven’t been told anything. I originally wanted to do DofE for a good resume, but it won’t come useful in the career I want to persue anyway so what’s the point. Everyone has DofE on it anyway. (83 out of the 104 people in my year are doing it)So my question is - when is it too late to drop out? Is it too late already? I don’t want to go to this weekend’s expedition, and then there’s another one in a month?! No thanks. Anybody know?
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I don't think it too late to drop out. If you really aren't enjoying it just say. The leaders will understand if it's not your sort of thing. I did my Bronze practice expedition a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it and I am doing the real thing in summer. If you really don't want to do it just tell them. If you are unsure whether to drop out or not why not do the practice and see what it's like then decide if you want to carry on and do the real thing. Hope this help 😊

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