Skripal poisoning: British Provocation or Naive Putin?

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2018 Has been an interesting and exciting year for Russians. Presidential election in which everyone hoped that Putin, who have regained the geopolitical significance for Russian Federation, will be re-elected to complete his ambitions in the development of infrastructure and diversification of Russian economy as well as further improvement of political security against foreign affairs ( Syrian crisis around Qatar-Turkey Pipeline, where in the event of downfall of Bashar Assad, it is expected to see a Sunni puppet who will allow the Qatar-Turkey pipeline project to complete. In which case , Russian market share in EU will go down drastically as well as reducing the sphere of influence in the European Region).
Suddenly, an ex-spy who has served the sentence for betrayal and has been exchanged with the British Intelligence has been poisoned on 4.3.18.
(On the 18.3.18 we would see the new and final presidential term of Putin.)
Why would Russia poison a useless spy knowing that it would lose diplomatic relationship with the whole European Nato bloc? When it invested £5.5 billion into the FIFA infrastructure of the event that will take place in Russia on 14.6.18?

According to Zbigniew Bzezinski, UK holds an illusion of power thanks to the alliance with US and if it is to allow the now probable diplomatic improvement between Russia and US , while having a bad diplomatic history over the years with Russia, would mean to destroy its political significance and sovereignty in the international arena. Something that France and Germany has lost since joining the EU and NATO.

In my opinion, it is another British attempt to provoke diplomatic tension between EU/US and Russia in order to secure its significance and retain leverage in the upcoming exiting from European Union.

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