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What happens here. You're up on top of a mountain, seeking shelter from nuclear apocalypse hoping they won't bomb the mountains. Bioweapon that kills people and later reanimates them into zombies was released to sweep the remaining survivors across the cities. In addition, aliens appeared there to join the party and take what they can loot. The virus is getting strain mutations which makes zombies smarter and stronger over time.
You're about to get murdered, however with some creative thinking, you can win the game and restore the order.


- Each player starts with 100 HP and Energy, and can distribute 100 points between strength, mind and speed.
- Each player has 2 moves to make. They can upgrade their items, improve their stats, craft weapons or just attack.
- Players start with 0 hunger and 0 thirst and when these stats reach 100, HP will be rapidly lost unless food/water is replenished.
- Creativity is encouraged!
- Once you're out of energy, you can regain it by sleeping(2 turns) or eating food
- Each move consumes up to 10 energy depending on difficulty.
- You all start with - food rations, matches, axe, bottle of water, and 100$.
- You can save turns for later use as in "charging"
- You can level up indefinitely, as XP gives powerful perks and stat boosts

Damage and stats:

There are several types of damage: Physical⚔️, Chemical☠️, Thermal🔥, Electrical⚡️, Radiation☢️, Arcane, Hacking💻and True.
Each enemy has resistances for every type of damage except Pure.
Strength Significantly increases your melee physical combat damage and HP directly . It is the most basic tool of survival where only the strongest can survive. You have more resistances to all sources of damage, and you are also able to carry more and heavier inventory when you're strong.
Mind employs anything you've got that is mind related. That's right, focus, intellect, wisdom and magic. It enhances healing abilities and you can give more power to your weapons. In addition, you gain more ranged combat damage, and more effectiveness with all damage types. High Mind levels allow you to use revival abilities.
Speed makes sure you're fast - you're able to do more actions during a turn. In addition, you take less damage from all sources - you can absorb hits easier. It also increases your accuracy and evasion. Having high levels of Speed will permanently boost your energy, and even highers will make your sleep only last 1 turn to fully recover energy!
Enemies can drop $ and random small items like knives, and reward XP when killed.
Small items can easily be crafted into larger items and special equipment
Accuracy can reach over 100% - and any percent over it increases critical strike chance. Normally critical strikes deal 2x the damage. However, if critical chance also reaches over 100% - any overpercentage will further increase critical strike damage.
Evasion, however, is quite rare stat and cannot reach 100%. Yet if some boss or master tier enemy can reach that, there are unavoidable attacks.

Enemy/Ally tiers:

Weak - the weakest class, easy to kill. They usually have negative stats (except Strength and HP)

Normal - can get quite tough in numbers and drops decent loot

Elite - way stronger than normal ones and often unlocks new abilities. Only the richest and strongest make it to the top.

Epic - even stronger than elite, fights with them are considered very intense and they can easily sweep many enemies of their own
Legendary - further advancements than epic, legends could only tell how scary these enemies are.

Monumental - less than a 10% of all legendaries can consider themselves to be monumental. They could easily destroy everything with one thought!
Master - only the best of the above can become the Master tier, which has incredible power enough to fight tens of players effectively.

Enemy descriptions:

Base stats: [HP: 100, Str: 4, Mind: 10, Spd: 30] - Normal enemy
Resistance: 10 ⚔️, 0 ☠️, 0 🔥, 0 ⚡️, 0 ☢️, 0, Inf💻
Stat growth: [HP: 5, Str: 2, Mind: 1, Spd: 3]/level
The most basic and stupid enemy one can get to fight early - and later on, these will be one of the smartest enemies too. Lower levels are good for training XP, while higher levels of zombies carry rocket launchers and grenades. Slow, lumbering and noisy, yet they have really good smell and night vision. However, they can start eating each other if players evade them too well. In large numbers they can get pretty brutal so make sure to clear them fast.
They also are afraid of light, so fight them when it's day!
Basic attacks deal 1.0x Strength type of damage.
  • Brain eating: If a player has 10% HP or less, they will be killed or infected and become a Zombie themselves.
  • Throw Grenade: If Zombie carries a grenade, there's a 25% chance he will hit, 25% chance to just throw it away and 50% chance to simply explode himself.
  • Fire a weapon: 50% chance to harm anything, and 50% chance to harm themselves. They are indeed masochistic creatures.
  • Elite+: Gain immunity to stuns. Weapon handling improved.
  • Elite+: Releases a swarm of Zombees, dealing 0,3x it's Mind as damage
  • Elite+: Infectiousness doubled.
  • Elite+: Senses sharpened, ability to detect noise and smells improved especially.
  • Epic+: Strength increased by 500%. Weapon handling improved further.
  • Epic+: Projectile vomit at extreme ranges, dealing Chemical damage equal to 10% their HP and 0,8x Mind.
  • Epic+: Resistances increased, except Arcane resistance.
  • Epic+: No longer are afraid of bright sunlight
  • Legendary+: Doubled Arcane defense.
  • Monumental+: Extreme infectiousness. You shall not breath.
  • Monumental+: LASER EYES. Deal 2x Mind damage to 3 random Players or Player friendly structures.
  • Monumental+: Sunlight recharges them, as they don't have to eat anymore. However they attack anyway for no reason whatsoever.
  • Monumental+: Gotta go fast! Some are able to grow wheels and roll just as fast as your average Bugatti Chiron. Speed increased by 1000%
  • Monumental+: Resilience - cannot be stunned.
  • Master+: Speed and Mind increased by 300%. HP doubled, weapon mastery.
  • Master+: Mind increased by 400%. Enables logic and critical thinking, which allows them to group and search for hidden players.
  • Master+: Extreme numbness allows them to avoid most damage reductions.

Base stats: [HP: 100, Str: 4, Mind: 10, Spd: 30] - Normal enemy
Stat growth: [HP: 5, Str: 2, Mind: 1, Spd: 3]/level
A walking pile of bones which don't have fancy evolution unlike their Zombie friends. Non-infectious, but can have nasty abilities. Sparse upgrades.
  • Basic attacks reduce accuracy of melee attacks for 5 turns or until cured.
  • Touch of Death: If a player has less than 50%, their susceptibility is increased by 80%. Enemies hitting the touched player have higher chance to critically strike.
  • Collapse. They have a chance to randomly die, but might wake up later on.
  • Strength in Numbers - if there's a pack of 3 skeletons or more - they can revive fellow skeletons with ease. (3 turn cooldown per skeleton revived)
  • Elite+: Nullification - healing on enemies hit is reduced by 95%. You cannot live.
  • Elite+: Basic marksmanship - Ranged weapon handling learned.
  • Elite+: They can temporarily use dead bodies as shields, reducing most damage by 80%, however their accuracy is reduced, too.
  • Monumental+: guaranteed to hit attacks do only 25% the original damage
  • Monumental+: Point Runner - speed increased by 800% the first 3 turns
  • Monumental+: Arcane Memory Bones - regenerates 10% HP every turn

  • Monumental+: Resilience - cannot be stunned.

Alien: ??? (unlocks at level 10)
Troll: ??? (unlocks at level 5)
Corrupted human: ??? (unlocks at level 4)
Hostile Soldier: ??? (unlocks at level 10)
Hostile Tank Driver: ??? (unlocks at level 11)
Hostile Fighter Pilot: ??? (unlocks at level 11)
Hostile Bomber Pilot: ??? (unlocks at level 12)
Hostile Hacker: ??? (unlocks at level 13)
UFO: ??? (unlocks at level 9)
Space Frigate: (unlocks at level 15)
Space Cruiser: (unlocks at level 18)
Space Interceptor: (unlocks at level 17)
Enemy planet: (unlocks at level 30)


Precision Uppercut barrage: Deal 0.7x Strength and 0,5x Speed as physical damage through multiple hits to a single enemy. Critical strikes deal 20% more damage. Requirements: Level 1, No weapon. Uses 8 Energy.
Execute: Deal 1.5x Strength as Physical damage if the enemy is below 30% HP. Requirements: Axe/Sword/Any slashing weapon, level 1. Uses 5 Energy.
Blind: Disables enemy from doing any basic attacks from 2 turns. Requirements: Mirror, any laser or corrosive weapon, level 1. Uses from 1 to 7 Energy depending on weapon.
Charged kick: Deals 0,7x Strength and 1,1x Speed as Physical damage. Knocks enemy back - lighter enemies cannot fight back for 1 turn. Requirements: level 2
Agitation: We can do it. Boosts every friendly source of damage for 1 turn by 9(+your Level)%. Requirements: level 1, 30+ Mind.
Leadership: You give someone else a free turn! Requirements: level 1, 10+ Mind
Weapon Throw: You throw weapon at your enemy or at some sort of fragile terrain, creating obstacle. Requirements: level 1, 10+ Speed.
Triple move: You can use 3 actions during a turn. Requirements: level 5, 110+ Speed
Critical Blast: You blast your enemy with your MIND POWERZ! They take 0,9x Mind based Arcane damage, with 30% more chance to crit and if it crits, it will also Silence the target, preventing it from using abilities!

Equipment and Mercenary shop:

Greedy space mercenaries landed looking for quick buck and will do anything for it.

  • Steel stick: +5 Physical Damage, costs 100$. Trusty Steel Stick for smashing the skulls.
  • Sword: + 30 Physical Damage, costs 600$. Now that's a weapon!
  • Dagger: + 15 Physical Damage, costs 300$. Cut them down.
  • Axe: + 20 Physical Damage, replacement costs 400$. Let's get brutal with the enemies.
  • Tear gas: +5 Chemical Damage, Blinds enemy, chance to hit multiple enemies. costs 500$[5/5]. Great for crowd control.
  • Nullificator Prototype: +30 Arcane damage, costs 850$. +40% chance to silence enemy. No idea how it nullifies abilities.
  • Revolver: +40 Physical Damage, costs 1000$ +10% Critical chance[6/6]. All chambers loaded!
  • Hunting Rifle: +40 Physical Damage, +2% Accuracy, +25% Critical damage, +20% Critical chance. Costs 1100$[10/10]. Better for hunting than actual killing.
  • Assault Rifle: +80 Physical Damage, hits up to 5 enemies. Costs 3500$[20/20]. Now this will be a killing weapon!
  • Sniper Rifle: +200 Physical Damage, +200% Critical damage, +40% Accuracy, +20% Critical chance[10/10]. A weapon so powerful it can even pierce a tank through. Costs 7000$.
  • Rocket Launcher: +250 Physical Damage, + 80 Thermal Damage. Hits up to 8 enemies with 75% splash. Costs 11000$[10/10]. A standard anti-tank launcher designed to be extremely powerful but doesn't have a big blast.
  • Flamethrower: +90 Thermal Damage, 30+0,7x Mind damage over 3 turns, hits up to 9 enemies. Costs 9000$[10/10]. Let's blaze them all out.
  • Freezethrower: + 90 Thermal Damage, Slows enemy by 20% over 3 turns. Reapplication of slow stacks it, and at 5 stacks enemy will be frozen over. Costs 9000$[10/10]. The cold brother of the Flamethrower will freeze the enemy completely!
  • Hydraulic Cannon: + 80 Physical Damage, Knocks enemy back very far away and slows by 20% afterwards. Damage dealt is reduced by 20% Costs 7000$.[30/30]. Imagine getting hit by firefighter's hose. Now imagine four times the power!
  • Laser Cannon: + 280 Radiation Damage, +40 Thermal Damage, +50 Physical Damage. Burns enemy for 30 Thermal damage over 2 turns Costs 20K$[40/40]. Let's lase them all.
  • Blaster of Ossus: gain the element you've been last attacked with. +100 Pure damage. + 400 (Any) damage last taken. Costs 25K$[55/55, autorecharges in Sun]. Wield the fury of the elements.
  • Unholy Grail: +1000 Radiation Damage, slows by 20% afterwards which can stack up to freezing. Costs 55k$[10/10]. This incredibly complex weapon is thought to draw it's power from the Sun. It could easily kill a spaceship if spaceships were living entities. Firing 5 rounds of the weapon into a single enemy - provided the enemy survives the initial barrage of 5 shots, let alone 1 shot - will freeze the enemy.

  • Wood/Rope plating: +4 Physical Defense, costs 100$. As basic and makeshift as it can get, you can easily craft it yourself.
  • Steel armor: +20 Physical Defense, +10 HP, Speed -10 costs 300$. Be the Knight(TM)
  • Arcane robe: +40 Arcane defense, Speed -5, costs 700$. This special attire looks classy, will get you *****es, and will also protect you from magic. How does that sound?
  • Hazmat suit prototype: +50 Chemical defense, +50 Radiation defense, +30 HP costs 1400$. The simplest variation of suit intended for handling hazardous materials. Make sure to decontaminate afterwards.
  • Astronaut suit: +100 Radiation defense, +300 Thermal defense, +50 Chemical Defense, +50 Electrical defense, speed -20, +70 HP. Costs 6000$. Designed for outer space activities, provides all-around protections.
  • Supercharged robe: +100 Radiation defense, +100 Hacking defense, +200 Electrical defense, +300 Arcane defense, +100 Arcane damage. You will reach 1 HP instead of dying first time. Costs 10000$. Incredible power! Blast your enemies! This badass suit even has adrenaline injection in it for tough times which will come.
  • Robo exoskel: +400 Physical defense, +100 All defense, +300 Strength, +100 Mind. Costs 15k$. Let's get in the exoskeleton and enjoy the newfound strength with Thinking Assist(TM) prototype!
  • Thorned armor: Taking damage reflects 40 physical damage + 10% damage taken as arcane damage. +300 All defense. +300 HP. Costs 18k$. You hit, you get hurt. Easy as that. Don't touch me!
  • Faraday Armor: +300 Electric defense, +400 Radiation defense, +300 Physical defense. +Inf Hacking defense, +80 Speed, +40 Strength, +200 Mind, +100 HP. Costs 20k$. This fancy mobile cage will protect you from all sorts of electricity and radiation and will make you immune to hacking. Communication with allies will be impossible though - making it the ultimate individualist gear.

Crafting materials and tools:

Tier 1 craftables - basic:
Rope, cloth, wood, stones, knives, dirt, bolts, nuts: 10$/unit
Tier 2 craftables - medium:
semiconductors, metals, acids, bases, fuels, capacitors, inductors, sword handles, shotgun handles, shotgun barrels, blades: 55$/unit
Tier 3 craftables - advanced:
timer chips, light emitting diodes, laser mirror, batteries, plastic, complex chips: 100$/unit
Tier 4 craftables - remarkable:
processor, graphic chip, diode screen, aviation fuel, X-Ray emitter, oscilator circuits, hot flares: 300$/unit

Other gear:

Glasses: +4% Accuracy, +5% Critical strike chance, Radiation defense + 5, cost: 250$
Mirror: Can blind zombies when it's sunlight. Reflects laser weapons. cost 500$
Orb of Earth: Can summon zombies to temporarily fight on your side for 1 turn. Cost 750$
Laptop computer: +40 Hacking damage, +40 Hacking defense. Cost 2k$
Gas mask: +200 Chemical defense. Cost 2k$
Defibrillator: gives ability to revive allies which aren't too wounded. Cost 3k$.
Buckler shield: +10 Physical defense. Cost 200$.
Riot shield: +30 Physical defense, +30 Thermal defense. Cost 1200$.
Carbon fiber shield: +80 Physical defense, +30 Thermal defense, +20 Radiation defense. Cost 2500$.
Magic staff: +80 Arcane damage, with chance to stun enemies. Cost 2200$.
Dragon egg: hatches a small Dragonling. Will grow into a huge dragon and burn enemies! Cost 7k$
Frost dragon egg: hatches a small Dragonling, will grow into a huge dragon and freeze enemies! Cost 7k$
Magic amulet: Luck is on your side. Cost 7k$.
Damnation shoes: Speed +30, Your attacks curse enemies so they have lower luck. Cost 8,5k$
Portable Black Hole: can kill any enemy below Epic instantly, energizing you and giving you 40 Radiation damage to any of your attack afterwards. Cost 10k$.
Robo Cannon Tank: deploys a robotic tank with repair assist. Cost 15k$
Robo Flak Tank: deploys anti-air purpose robotic tank with repair assist. Cost 15k$.
Robo Radar truck: deploys a revealing truck with repair assist. Cost 15k$.
Robo Repair/Resupply Truck: deploys a truck for reloading and repairs. Cost 15k$
Robo Laser Tank: deploys a truck with laser cannon and repair assist. Cost 15k$.

Soldiers for hire(stats WIP):

Summoning has a chance to roll from Weak to Master allies - test your luck here!
Pistolman - costs 300$.
Pistolman[HP: 120, Str: 40, Mind: 80, Spd: 110, has pistol[40/5]]
Damage: 60 ⚔️ over range
Resistance: 15 ⚔️, 0 ☠️, 0 🔥, 0 ⚡️, 0 ☢️, 0, Inf💻
The Pistolman is a very basic mercenary players can hire. It has high speed but very weak armor and can be wiped out in a defensive situation. However, he has plenty of ammunition. If he survives to fire all 40 shots, he will just chill and drink tea. Until he is resupplied with pistol bullets again. He must reload after firing his clip, and that takes 1 turn.
Rifleman - costs 700$
Rifleman[HP: 160, Str: 55, Mind: 60, Spd: 60, has rifle[20/5]]
Damage: 85 ⚔️ over range
Resistance: 25 ⚔️, 5 ☠️, 10 🔥, 5 ⚡️, 5 ☢️, 5, Inf💻
Riflemen are more durable than pistolmen, and seem to be more trained to survive tough situations when it get's cold. Being more responsible than Pistolmen, will try to help players whenever they run out of ammo. However, they aren't quite as smart and their speed and ammo count is significantly lower than that of Pistolman.
Machine gunner - costs 1200$
Machine gunner[HP: 120, Str: 40, Mind: 40, Spd: 60, has machine gun[60/60]]
Damage: 60 ⚔️ over range to 3 different enemies.
Resistance: 25 ⚔️, 5 ☠️, 10 🔥, 5 ⚡️, 5 ☢️, 5, Inf💻
Machine gunner is basically a Rifleman, but shoots 3 different enemies. Having similiar training, they have similiar resistances, but it seems like machine gunner is quite stupid and will just open fire at anything - that makes him a good distraction. Still, he must be protected because he deals quite a bit of damage for his cost.
Demolitioner - costs 2000$
Demolitioner[HP: 120, Str: 40, Mind: 80, Spd: 110, has RPG[40/5]]
Damage: 60 ⚔️ over range
Resistance: 15 ⚔️, 0 ☠️, 0 🔥, 0 ⚡️, 0 ☢️, 0, Inf💻

Armored car crew - costs 4000$
Light tank crew - costs 8000$
Medium tank crew - costs 12 000$
Heavy tank crew - costs 16 000$
APC crew - costs 20k$
Helicopter crew - costs 25k $ Fighter crew - costs 40k $
Bomber crew - costs 55k $
Battle astronaut - costs 80k $
Space fighter crew - costs 200k $
Space frigate crew - costs 400k $
Space cruiser crew - costs 700k $
Space interceptor crew - costs 1M $
Carrier crew - costs 4M $
Capital ship crew - costs 8M $

My turns:

I go to the forest and chop the logs, getting 3 logs and losing 10 energy.
I make a campfire site out of stones nearby, and put the logs and branches in it. Gotta keep it warm, or the cold will kill us. I lose 10 energy.The exhausting work raises my Thirst by 15.

MindWind74[HP: 100, Thirst: 0, Hunger: 0, Energy: 80, Str: 33, Mind: 34, Spd: 33, have food rations(5), axe, matches(15), water]



Zombie[HP: 100, Str: 4, Mind: -10, Spd: -30, has steel stick]
Zombie[HP: 100, Str: 4, Mind: -10, Spd: -30]
Zombie[HP: 100, Str: 4, Mind: -10, Spd: -30]
Skeleton[HP: 100, Str: 1, Mind: 0, Spd: 3, seems to carry a bag of cash]

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