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I know this has been discussed a little here before, but I was hoping you guys would be able to give some advice.
I have an offer from each, both A*AA and I am taking a gap year also, however the deadline is coming up soon.
I have always wanted to Bristol and I prefer the idea of city living. However after visiting and looking at the departments I think that the course at Bath is more hands on (experiment and lab based), which I would prefer over endless lectures. Another factor is that my Bath offer is for mechanical with automotive engineering, which is very much where my interests lie and Bristol do very little automotive engineering in their engineering department in general.
What is your knowledge in the differences between the unis in terms of uni life and engineering.
Any input would be appreciated.
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I would try and find out which one has more access to extracurricular projects, particularly Formula Student if your interests lie in automotive engineering. No matter how much the course is hands on, you'll get a lot more practical experience by doing these kinds of projects. After a quick look I would say that Bath wins on this as they have two Formula Student teams and both of them do reasonably well.

In terms of city living, I would say that Bath still feels like a city, and as a Bath student you're eligible for free bus rides to Bristol so you don't lose out on this much by going to Bath.

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