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I met him a couple of years ago through a society we're both in. However I had a boyfriend at the time so I wasn't thinking about 'beardy man' in that way. I did notice him around though cause he's so crazy and funny, he has loads of friends there and a really nice voice.

We matched on a dating site and got talking properly. He said he's had a crush on me for a while, we have loads in common. He invited me along to a picnic the society's putting on, so it's like a date with 100ish other people there! Which will be fun haha!

I'm looking for ideas on vegi food I can bring that can easily be shared, maybe something I could make to show effort? I'd also like to impress him and making bring something just for him, not too much just something small. Like how a guy might bring a girl a single flower or something.. but I can't think what exactly.. he's really into nature, and he's definitely on the same level of weirdness as me.. any ideas??
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guys like flowers too...but a little sketch or something creative done by you might be nice. Maybe pressed flowers if he's into nature, or a poem if you're really brave. You could even pull out the old corny friendship bracelet!

in terms of food, you're going to think I'm crazy, but google "I can cook recipes" and it'll come up with a list.
It's a kids show my sister used to like, but they make simple veggie picnic snacks, and i had a look - some of them look really good.

You could also go for a french or Mediterranean theme - something a bit different, and you could have fun experimenting and maybe discovering your new favourite recipe.
My stepmum is spanish, and she taught me how to make a spanish tortilla (provided you're veggie and not vegan, because it has eggs) - it's not that difficult, and tastes gorgeous chilled and cut into cubes. perfect snack food. She also makes empanadas sometimes. These take a bit more work, but they are essentially whatever you want to put inside pastry, so you can get creative. Again, snack sized and not messy.

I've never tried to make falafels myself before, but they are really good picnic food, and easily available at the supermarket.

Hope this gives you some ideas and you enjoy your date!
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A poem
A box of lovely chocolates or a bottle of nice wine
A meal out at a posh restaurant
A gift card
A evening seeing a movie or dancing in a club
Tickets to a concert
Tickets to a game
A nice massage
A framed portrait
A necklace
A bracelet

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