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How hard is business studies GCSE

I finished year 10 and I'm doing my Gcse next year and I'm doing :colone:nglishMath BiologyChemistryPhysics Accounting Economics Ict English literature Arabic However Arabic isn't my first language but my second however it's really hard and in all my mocks I got D's and when I was lucky I got a C so I wanted to ask how hard is business studies and can I do it in a 1 year? My school doesn't offer it so I'll also be self studying it
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I'm just about to do GCSE's and I do Edexcel business studies but I do A*-G whereas you would be doing 9-1 with no coursework I presume? The content is pretty similar I think anyway, but honestly business is one of the best and easiest subjects you'll ever take, I really enjoy it and it looks good with economics and accounting too so you're in a good position if you do take it. The exams are basically just learning the basics and expanding upon them with your own ideas and there's a few simple equations to learn as well. If you dedicate enough time to do it then I'm sure you could do it in a year. Hope I've helped a bit :smile:
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it's mindbogglingly easy - a common sense exam.
I do Business Studies, the old spec on AQA. I'm sitting my exams on the 23rd of May and 6th of June. I don't know what specification you're on, but for me, the course is split into three units:
-413001 (Smaller businesses)
-413002 (Growing a business)
-413003 Non-Exam Assessment (Coursework)

The 413001 is fairly easy. Like cj_sS said, it's mostly common sense (not entirely, only the first few units). However, Unit 2 (large businesses) is where it gets (a bit more) difficult. The only other section which I would say is really difficult is the People in Business section under Unit 1 (You have to be aware of a lot of legislation, e.g. Equality Act 2010, Consumer Rights Act 2015, Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, Health and Safety at Work Act 1999, etc.).

Now, the theory part is easy, but the most difficult thing in Business Studies is the actual exam. It can be really difficult to please the examiners, especially on 9 markers. My best advice is to keep applying to the case study (try and mention the name of the business), and keep asking yourself "So What?" until you get to something like more profit/saves time/increases market share/etc. Also, you should think about long/short-term consequences of your recommendation. (Keep in mind that this advice is for the old specification, it might be different for you).

Also, make sure to use a lot of subject terminology. (E.g. horizontal integration, revenue synergy, markup, diseconomies of scale, etc.)

Also, don't stress too much about it. I think for your year, the grade boundaries are going to be quite low, because you're the first year on the new specification (9-1).
It's awfully hard, i've been revising 4 hours a week and got grade 3 in my mock.
Is it just me?
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