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Can someone help me with these questions I am completely stuck

(iii) Reaction of sodium hydroxide with 1-chloropropane

  • (a) Write and balance the equations

  • (b) State the conditions for the reaction

  • (c) Draw the structural formula for and name the organic product formed

(d) Describe the type of reaction, which is taking place.
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Try thinking of the best way to find to seek out the information you need to answer each one, that is all part of the learning process and that skill will stay with you for life. Also try to spot the topics so you can easily look in the right place in your textbook/notes quickly. Q1 is about halogenoalkanes, Q2 is about the asymmetry of alkenes and halohydrogens and the last one is a another halogenoalkane question as NaOH is a strong alkaline

A quick google of all compounds will give you their formulas if you are unsure, then write down how many are present of each number, then try to balance them from there, it might be hard at first but don't give up

The conditions for each reaction is sadly just a case of memorising the notes, just like part D. But again looking up what you don't know and spot holes in your knowledge is part of the revising process

Then instead of trying to memorise the products that are formed, think about the theory you know about reactivity and what will displace substitute what and that way you'll be able to answer any question in organic chem

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