Help me!!! I am scared my underwear pics will hurt m career x

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I would like to get free legal advice on a short question.

In December 2016, I went to a photo shoot to do a 'boudoir' photo shoot. However, it was not what I expected and it turned into a glamour photo shoot. The photographer took photographs of me in my UNDERWEAR, in me posing in a SEDUCTIVE way. It was with my FULL CONSENT and I was age 23. I am 24 now, and I feel ashamed and I am scared that if these photographs were ever to "come out" if I became successful in future, it can damage my image.It is giving me anxiety. When I originally asked the photographer if he can delete the photographs, he said that he doesn't delete photographs in case the client may want it in future. I have since checked his website, and his website says 'All Goods remain the property of [photographer name] until paid for in full and will bear the Company name and signature or logo.' I have paid for the photographs, so does that mean it is now my own? I am really worried, all I want is those photographs GONE as I do not want it to affect my career choices in future, I am very ambitious. Is there anything I can do?

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I'm not a legal person but I feel like I should talk to you as a person to person. I've was threatened by an ex-partner when I was 18 that he would leak naked pictures of me. Those pictures were not taken with my consent and he basically opened the door when I was changing and took a picture. Now, I know that I can sue him if these ever go public BUT that doesn't mean I wasn't worried about my life, my career and who would see them. If those pictures of me get out, it doesn't matter that he will go to prison or pay me a sum of money - everyone would have seen them and that is what scared me the most.
I learnt after MANY stressful nights and anxiety that he doesn't have leverage over me. Think about it - the world is desensitised to nudity and scandals. Everywhere you go and turn there is nudity, politicians who cheat and celebrity leaked nudes. Yes, everyone would see them BUT they will forget. In my case - I was in an unflattering pose, FULLY naked and it's not a picture I want to be associated with. In your case- you are posing, in a way it is art. I don't think you should be ashamed of it even if it goes out. I think you should rock it and if you think you look good - even better! The chances of this hurting your career are 0 in my opinion.

Legally: I think if you have paid for them and you have the receipt (Message, PayPal, bank statement) you can very rightfully ask him to take it down. Take a screenshot of what he has written (about the property) and make a site snapshot in the waybackmachine, so you can refer to the actual site at a later date. This would back up your claim that IT IS yours since effectively what he has said is a promise to customers.
Send him a message asking him to take it down with the claim that you have paid for those pictures (even 1 pence is still payment). If he refuses to, tell him that you will be seeking legal action. BE PREPARED BEFOREHAND with a Cease and desist order to prevent him from leaking them (Obviously you will need to go to an actual lawyer for that). His hands will be tied and you will have a strong case against him.

AGAIN, I am not a lawyer and I have 0 legal knowledge on this so the advice is strictly what I would personally do.

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