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I've had a series of bad relationships, hurt and confusion. I'm currently in a very happy relationship with an amazing girl who I can be honest and open with and makes me feel loved and respected. However, several thoughts keep cropping up and I don't know if there's something wrong with me.

There was this girl, I'm going to call her M. Like my current girlfriend, I met her on HER. My friends thought she was ugly but I disagreed. She was arty like me and listened to similar music to me with some exceptions. We met up and I stayed round her dorm and slept with her a couple times. She wouldn't let me hold her hand or even just hug her sometimes, I felt wrong. I knew she still wasn't over her ex (for context, she'd never even met this ex - it was entirely long-distance and she seemed a little obsessed with this girl). M didn't really get me and conversation with her was awkward and she would demand nudes at bad times. I sacrificed quite a bit that I didn't tell her about - I lied to my parents, spent a lot of money on travel, bought her Polaroid camera for Christmas, answered the phone at 2 in the morning to talk to her when she was upset, skipped college to see her. I kind of assumed that things would become more serious. I got on with her flatmates and other aspects of our relationship were good. Then I found out that she was trying to get back with her ex AND get with another girl. It pissed me off that yet another girl was willing to treat me like something disposable.
I cut her off for a bit and dated someone else for a bit (that one was worse, lol). She continued to try to get me to sleep with her and send her nudes, especially when high or drunk (which was at least 3-4 times a week). I was torn. I missed her but I didn't want to return to a bad situation. I then ended up with my current girlfriend who is amazing, lovely and patient and sweet and just everything I could want or need. I told M to back off and asked if she could just be my friend to which she said that she couldn't be ****ed.
I was hurt and angry. But I still think about her and watch her snap stories. What is wrong with me?
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Delete her from Snapchat and any other social media. If you don’t you’ll always be reminded of her and your relationship. The girlfriend you have now sounds like a really sweet girl who you like so there is no point ruining your relationship. Yes although you may have had many toxic and bad relationships but that doesn’t mean all your relationships are going to be like that. You expect your relationships to be like that because that’s what you have been through and in essence your comfort zone (that is what you are used to) but it seems like you have a lovely relationship currently so just focus on that. M clearly seems like a toxic person and if you keep letting people like that in your life it will effect you a lot. To summarise, cut M out and focus on your current relationship. Hope I helped. 🌸🌹

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