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Does anyone have an idea about what topics might come in the next question paper which will be on May 8th 2018?
What are some global topics trending (which require general knowledge)?

Here are what each section includes [according to the syllabus]

Section 1: Historical, social, economic, political and philosophical topics
Possible areas for consideration might include:
• The role of history and war; terrorism.
• The role of the individual in society – the family, marriage, peer pressure, class.
• Cultural changes – youth and drug culture.
• Education and welfare.
• Sport, leisure, international competition.
• Wealth; changes in work practice.
• The importance and impact of tourism on a country – implications for the economy, employment, public
transport, environmental concerns.
• The provision and politics of aid.
• The State and its institutions; development of State, democracy, post-imperialism, nationalism.
• Minority groups, pressure groups.
• Freedom of speech, action, thought.
• Judiciary.
• Matters of conscience, faith, tolerance, equality, opportunity.
• Corruption.

Section 2: Science, including its history, philosophy, general principles and
applications; environmental issues; mathematical topics
Possible areas for consideration might include:
• Medical dilemmas and issues of research and ethics; concept of progress in science.
• Drug manufacture and provision.
• Diet, health education.
• Old and new industries.
• Spin-offs from space industry; weaponry.
• Information and communications technology; the internet.
• Environmental concerns; renewable energy resources; climate change.
• Migration; population dynamics.
• Feeding the global population; farming techniques for the twenty-first century.
• Public transport and travel.
• The uses and applications of mathematics in everyday life.

Section 3: Literature and language, arts and crafts
Possible areas for consideration might include:
• Literature, biography, diary, science fiction.
• Language – heritage, tradition, dialect.
• The global media – tv, radio, satellite; influence and controls; effects on lifestyle, culture and habits;
cultural dilution and diversification; advertising; role models.
• Censorship; privacy; the right to know; freedom of the press, etc. uses and abuses.
• Traditional arts and crafts; creativity; national heritage/preservation; effects of tourism.
• Architecture; painting; fashion; photography; sculpture; music; heritage.
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

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