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What is the best way to structure an essay for the Marxism/ Pluralism/Elitism and Feminism paper. This is my general idea of how to do it if I was given an essay on Pluralism..
-Criticisms- along with perspectives of other theories

Is this correct????
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In my Political Power paper we do Marxism, Conservatism and Liberalism, but I'll help you out on the Marxism section.
If Marxism came up in June (god forbid), I would structure it in paragraphs, such as:

1. (Intro) brief introduction on the key aspects of marxism, saying how they can be viewed positively and negatively, with criticism from other political ideologies. Maybe include the theory of the Communist Party (Lenin) and the theory of Capitalistic Imperialism.

2. Faiths Marxism has; e.g. Dialectical Materialism, Historical Materialism, Economic Determinism, and a faith in revolution. (Include 2/3 examples for each)

3. Society and it's two tier structure, ie. the Fundamental Structure and the Super Structure. Then link society with Marxist beliefs of social relations based on class structure and class struggle. Also how a communist society equates to a classless society. again, 2/3 examples)

3. The Theory of Surplus Value and link it to the Marxist belief in the rejection of Capitalism as an evil system, i.e. "Capitalism is its own grave digger." Include also the dictatorship of the Proletariat after the overthrowing of Capitalism, and 2/3 examples.

4. Rejection of State as a classless organisation/exploitation, and the theory of one violent revolution, including 2/3 examples.

5. Marxism and religion and marxism and property, keep it simple and heavily criticise, with 2/3 examples.

6. Concise conclusion, 2/3 lines.

Criticism must come within every paragraph, and a focus on one particular point and criticising it will help keep it as easy as possible, e.g. when looking at paragraph 3, saying "Conservatism however, favours Capitalism as it..." is enough of a criticism. Having this through an entire essay shows a strong argument.
I do understand that it a lot of information to write in 35 minutes (where my main revision will lie - time keeping!) but keeping it short and sweet will be key, and never worry if you leave something out. I don't think anybody could include all of that in detail.

Best of luck!

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