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What do you guys think of my essay? How many marks can I get? How can I improve my essay?

Question p4 winter 2017: the merit of the economic theory of wage determination is that it clearly shows what the best level of wage rates should be and thus is evidence that there is no need for either the government or trades unions to fix wages. (25marks)

P/s I’ll draw the graph later

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This is far too much to write for a 25 mark essay. Unless you're actually typing out your answers for the actual exam, you need to bear in mind that most people will type a lot faster than they can write so I highly recommend doing these essays on paper with a pen.

In terms of the wording, I would personally restructure your essay so that the bits with evaluation are clearly distinct from your analysis. At the moment, you have the two mixed which is going to make it more complicated for a marker to identify that you've fulfilled the guidelines they have for awarding higher marks.

At the moment, I think you've spent too many words on the definitions. The core of your essay should be the analysis because that's what shows your thought process. Most people will know the definitions, it's the thought process that the marker is looking for if you want high marks.

You will not have time to do so many graphs. Plan for one, at most two, as they're mainly there to give a visual indication that you understand the content you're writing.

Hope that helps.

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