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I have received an offer from LSE to study anthropology, I like the vibe and course at UCL better-am I being silly turning down LSE simply because it’s LSE?

Thank you thank you
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Certainly not.

It depends very much on your particular interests within the subject - for starters, there is very little archaeological/biological elements of the LSE course. It's pretty much pure social anthropology. It also focuses on some more theoretical/interdiscplinary aspects of how anthropology relates to it's other social science offerings (economics, law, etc), with fewer regional ethnography options (and those that are there aren't all offered every year).

While I don't know about the Anthropology course specifically at UCL, I do know they have fairly active archaeology and human sciences/biolgoical anthropology departments/sections, and these are likely to contribute to the course even in fairly indirect ways, and shape the experience as a whole. I'd venture this is a "fuller" anthropology experience, as even if you don't take explicit modules in archaeology or biological/physical anthropology, having those specialists helping to teach typical social/cultural anthropology courses, or even just collaborating with those who DO teach those options will provide perspectives you might not have at LSE. Additionally, these are very much major aspects of anthropology as a discipline so, not a bad thing to have some complementary insights, if you may want to continue in academia.

If you prefer the course and university at UCL, that's clearly the one you should choose...

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