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Hi all,

I thought this thread could help everyone to collate ideas... Could everyone give any historical context they're aware of and potentially a link to the play if you believe it's unique...

So far,
Divine Right
Gunpowder Plot
Role of women in society
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In order to get top marks in the exam you need to mention context which could include:
- King James's interest in witchcraft and supernatural (he wrote a book about it called daemonologie)
- Hollinshed's chronicles
- women were seen as inferior to men and less powerful, lady Macbeth has to "unsex" herself – deprive herself of her femininity (part of her identity) in order to convince Macbeth to murder Duncan
- Divine Right of Kings
Hope this helped
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1) Shakespeare’s family were suspected Catholic sympathisers and so he really had to make “a play to please the king” to show he was a loyal Protestant.
2) You can find the serpent under the flower coin that was minted after the gunpowder plot on google images which obviously is linked to the famous quote in the play
3) Banquo was a suspected ancestor of James (the current king) and hence Shakespeare portrayed Banquo in a positive light and said his descendants (such as James) would be future kings
4) the animals the witches reference at the beginning are ‘familiars’ identify by James in his book on witchcraft Daemonologie

could be a few more I’ve forgotten coz I did the GCSE last year but I hope this helps, good luck

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