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For all the units I completed I got a distinction but have I layed out my work right?

For the pass, merit and distinction criterias I created separate documents for each one but I saw others structured there's into one document.

Does it matter if you've done everything in one document or separetely for each criteria and would this affect my grades?

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I would talk to your teacher/tutor about that, and ask them what format they'd like to see.

Is this a project report for a system that you've created / are creating?

It seems strange to divide your work based on the grade in the mark scheme - it's worth remembering that if you were writing documentation for a real-world system, there wouldn't be a mark scheme, so if any documentation split existed, it would usually be based upon stages of the software development lifecycle - for example, Requirements, Testing, Design, etc.

Obviously I have no idea what the person marking your report will be expecting, but since you're on a vocational course, it's probably a good thing to try to treat it as if it's a project you're doing for a real employer or client.

The one problem I can think of might be that it will be harder for whoever is marking your papers, needing to keep switching between each document when they're deciding what marks to give you for each part of the mark scheme.

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