Module choice for Financial/Coporate career - Is it important? Advice needed

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Hey guys,

Just finished my first year of Accounting & Finance Bsc and going off my January results I'll be around:

Business Economics: 95
Management: 75
Marketing: 75
Corporate Law: 80
Intro to Accounting: 90
Finance: 64

I want to work in the financial field, or at the very least the coporate field. I have one issue, I don't have a strong background in maths and the maths in Finance absolutely killed me. I got a 65 but with more hard work I should be able to slip into the 1st range (70+) for that module.

But it's certainly not my strength. Going onto year 2 (where grades matter) I've considered entirely avoiding math heavy optional modules. So which, of the optional modules below, are maths intensive (and if so, how intensive? What type of math?)? and any comments, tips or advice on any of the modules (good or bad) would be appreciated.

- Organisational Design and Analysis
- Strategic Management
- Auditing (20 credits) option
- Integrated Marketing Communications
- Entrepreneurship Creativity and Innovation
- Management of Information Systems
- World Class Operations
- Logistics and Supply Chain Management

But here's the thing, I provisionally chose Management of Information Systems because it seemed interesting, was a challenge and is relevant for my hopeful career.

So my question:
How important are optional modules once you've graduated? Will I be more likely to secure a financial/corporate position if I choose a more finance/corporate module? Does it even matter?

If module choices don't really factor I'll side with my strengths in the arts and essay writing and choose something like Integrated Marketing or Strategic Management, if they do matter I'll choose Information Systems (Unless I.S is so Maths heavy that I'd be absolutely hopeless at it).

Thanks, sorry for the long winded question.

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