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So basically, I've tried to have sex 3 times now (over like the past 7 months.. yes this is a long ongoing issue) and every time I've experienced an major pain as he tries to enter into me, like my insides are just tearing apart. It's not that I'm unaroused or don't want it, it's just that I have an anxiety around the feeling of penetration.

I've been to the doctors about this for anyone who's going to read this thread and tell me to do that, and I've been diagnosed with Vaginismus which is basically involuntary tensing of the Vaginal muscles when faced with any sort of penetration.

I've then been referred to psychosexual therapy for this issue (which is actually horrific, like no I'm 18 and don't want to speak to some old man about my vagina) and I have to use these tools called dilators to get me used to penetration.

Since therapy isn't very reassuring at all I'm just wondering if anyone else here has gone through Vaginismus treatment or had to work around pain during sex. It would be nice to hear some stories about how you got through it because I'm currently on the 2nd size dilator (there are 4, with the 4th being average penis size and the 1st being not much more than a finger) and it still really hurts, although it's been like 2 months since I started with them.

Any motivation would really help.
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I am going through the exact same thing!! Does it still hurt to use the dilators or has it got better?
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