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So exams are coming up, I'm resitting UNIT 2 this year to get that A.

Any predictions? - I have a feeling,

Strict Liability + coincidence rule will come up
Triable either way pre-trial procedure or bail.
Then the same ''What are the aims of sentencing'' question / and list the sentences available

Contract Law - Since last year the questions were How offer can be accepted/consideration/actual/anticapatory

What are the chances the same questions will come up? I have a feeling How an offer can be rejected, Intention to create legal relations, and for the breach stuff, I'm not sure

but UNIT 3 Criminal law

Last year essay was evaluation of defences - This year possibility Non Fatal/Murder&Manslaughter. (I pray it is non fatal)

My teacher said a lot of teachers complained about UNIT 3 scenario 1 2017 paper because the mark scheme involved ''posession of a knife'' which we have not learned / covered. I don't think they'll be too mean this year.

Scenario 1 last year had, Non Fatal offences question 1 with self defence,

Question 2: Gross Negligence & Unlawful Act

I think self defence as a defence will not come up this year, it will most likely be automatism/intoxication/consent. Along with the non fatal offences

Secondly, I think Diminished/LoC will come up in one of the scenarios.

Thirdly, the essay, I pray it will be Non Fatal Offences.

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