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So, my brother, he's a bit aggressive especially more as he gets older. Not to much testosterone wise, but more like he feels he needs to prove something to everyone.

Going into the sixth form, he hit a 'glow up' as you could say. Let me tell you this, his arrogance and self-love shot through the roof. I've always been the 'second brother': being the youngest, and always living in his shadow. I've never had good grades, I got AAAABBBBB in GCSE's, and they use it as a weapon against me, calling me stupid, a failure whenever we have arguments (including parents), they know I'm annoyed about what I got, and they love using it as a weapon against me. Anyways, my brother always, when we get in arguments begins to get aggressive.

Me in the past, I was the aggressive one, I've always been labelled the aggressive kid in my family. They think there's something psychologically wrong with me as they think me raging at FIFA back in the day was something unheard of. Anyways, I was really slim and in good shape, as I never stopped moving about so this was a motive for my brother to be jealous as he was out of shape. But recently, as my brother grew taller he lost weight and got better looking, there's no denying that, but how do I respond to the things he say's. First big argument of our teens, he said: "You're a failure, irrelevant. I'm smarter than you, better looking than you, and fitter than you". Implying my GCSE's were bad when saying he was smarter etc. (Some context - we've gotten closer in the latter years of our teens so this was bad for me to hear, as I am extremely self-conscious about how I look etc). Next argument, he's always trying to assert his dominance. Yesterday, I said a simple statement, 'Argentina have a large chance to win the world cup', he went full analytical ******** on me trying to find everyreason to prove why they had no chance. I said a simple statement, to which he couldn't just accept as opinion but more of a debate. So things escalate as I say "You just want to prove your dominace about how good your knowledge is" (some more context - He's been always bad at writing/english, e.g. Aged 13 he didn't know how to spell door, aged yesterday, he spells Klose like Kloser, to which we joke about and banter with him). Anyways, full blown argument is now happening, and he goes to "Watch what you say, or I will punish you". Come on. Seriously, He's two years older than me, smaller than me, but always feels like now he needs to assert his dominance.

One thing leads to another, my dad comes down and eventually assumes that I started it, and tell's me to shut up etc. (Context on my dad, if I was to even push my brother when I was younger I would get in deep ****, a couple years ago my brother punched me in the face, I was bleeding, I didn't react as I thought, 'Hey, now he will get punished, let my parents see the pouring blood coming from my mouth'. Little did we know, he got nothing. Not a word. I got no apology. My Dad took his side, as from what I remember he said I probably deserved it.) So he comes down, bla bla bla, we get into another argument which goes upstairs, my brother stays down. We are arguing for half an hour full on - I'm going into how he always expects so much from me but then calls me a failure whenever there's an argument. Anyways whilst this is happening, randomly my brother comes running upstairs looking for a fight. Hey, now what happens? He comes after me, and starts punching me in face etc, on my bed, dad trying to stop him. He breaks it up, but then he still talks to me as if I'm a piece of ****, like I started this all. He assumes it's me, simply due to my past.

How am I supposed to deal with this siutation. I understand you may feel this is a biased view, but anyways, how or what would you do to deal with this.

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