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To those interested in taking part in a short term voluntary service during the summer:

There is an organisation called Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP) who are a non-profit, donation-based organisation in Germany that was set up after the Second World War to help encourage encounters and exchanges between young people from different countries, religions, cultures and backgrounds to prevent anything like the Second World War from happening again. They are also dedicated to the education of Jewish history, culture and traditions, with a central focus on the Holocaust, as well as the fight again racism and promotion of multiculturalism.

ARSP offers long term and short voluntary services. The short term voluntary services take place throughout the summer and are therefore called summer camps. These summer camps take place in the USA and all over Europe.

In each summer camp there are 15 participants including 2 team leaders. The group will take part in various tasks including a contextual work and physical work e.g. the restoration of a local Jewish cemetery or helping out at an elderly home. Here are a few examples of the 22 summer camps that will take place this year:

Brest (Belarus): A project for those with and without children! Locally, the group will support the organization "Chessed David" who tend to the concerns of elderly people and survivors of National Socialism. The volunteers will organise free time activities or help with light tasks in the household. The study part will be about discovering Brest’s Jewish history.

Perm (Russia): The international summer camp in Perm will deal with the interconnection of art and historical experience. At the end of the project the volunteers will create their own art object. The project is open for participants from the age of 18 and up.

Deventer (Netherlands):
If you have a love for the theatre, you can fully live it out in this summer camp because the famous street theatre festival will be taking place at the same time. During the practical work the participants (from 18 years) will help with cleaning and maintenance work on the Jewish cemetery. One of the excursions, among other things, will be to the camp Westerbork.

There are many other places and countries where the summer camps will take place including Italy, Germany and the UK. More information can be found here:

Costs and language
Nearly all of the summer camps will take place in English and costs for participants from Western Europe costs 130 euros or 100 euros if you have financial difficulties. Unfortunately there is no reimbursement for your travel costs but the 130 (or 100) euros that has to be paid includes everything from food to accommodation. More information about costs and insurance can be found here:

Once again, the website can be found here:

It would be lovely to see more applications from the UK! Plus this is a great way to meet people from all over the world and make friends for life!


If you have any questions or concerns then send them to this email address: [email protected]

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